The first workshop on methodologies on design and management of innovative touristic products will be conducted by Zlatibor Regional Development Agency (ZRDA) from Uzice, Serbia on June 15th 2022.

The aim of this thematic workshop is to present and promote designs and managements of innovative products in Adrion region.

After ZRDA’s presentation on innovative way of a new virtual guide through the river Djetinja gorge (pilot project action), the Western Serbia Academy of Applied Studies will also contribute to the workshop by presenting examples of digital multimedia guided tours in protected cultural assets that have exceptional tourist value. The University of Basilicata will participate in the workshop by presenting new approaches for improvement of sustainability of tourism in historical sites, new technologies and services for accessibility for special needs groups to cultural and naturalistic tourism, while partners from Greece (Region of Epirus – Regional Unit of Thesprotia and Enterprise Greece S.A) will present a

demiurgic-approach metamorphosis – way of reshaping of destinations into innovative tourism products.

In addition to all the above, the representatives of all project partners, moderated by ZRDA, will have the opportunity to discuss presented and potential methodologies on design and management of innovative touristic products and developed guidelines for feasibility studies of investments in the cultural and naturalist tourism sectors.


Poster Workshop 15 06 2022.pdf