As a way to generate THEMATIC project activities, in the perspective of the promotion of the pilot projects, Zlatibor Regional Development Agency (ZRDA) from Uzice, Serbia is organizing two-day study visit to the Western Serbia. ZRDA’s project pilot action implies design of the virtual guide for promotion of the natural and cultural heritage of the Western Serbia focused on the area of the river Djetinja gorge. Project will create conditions for the worldwide online promotion of the unique cultural tourism offer combined with protected natural features of the river Djetinja gorge. The river Djetinja gorge is recognized as leverage for tourism development in the Western Serbia. This area is a long town promenade starting at the old hydropower plant (1900) at the city beach below the Old Town (14th century), going along the old narrow-gauge railway route (1979), through tunnels, all the way to the Stapari spa with a decorated bathing spot and Vrutci lake. In the last few years investment cycle in historical sites and activity-based tourism infrastructure all over the gorge has started. Setting up park equipment along the canyon as ecologically significant area of the Ecological Network in Serbia contributed to the promenade being rewarded the European Greenways Award in the Excellence category (Limerick, Ireland).

ZRDA, as part of the study visit on 15th and 16th June, organizes visits to the most important tourist sites in the city of Užice and its surroundings. It is planned to visit the Old Hydroelectric Power Plant “Pod gradom”, part of the gorge of the river Djetinja all the way to the Great Dam, the open-air museum “Staro selo Sirogojno”, the center of the Zlatibor Mt, and Drvengrad and Sarganska osmica in Mokra Gora (one of the best villages in the world in 2021, by UNWTO).

THEMATIC Serbia study visit – detailed agenda.pdf